Do You Want Unlimited Mushrooms Grown Right At Home The Easy and Fast Way?

Mushroom Grow Buddy helps you grow as many mushrooms as you want, for life!

Mushroom Grow Buddy is the first and only digital mushroom cultivation guide and software program. It teaches you the biology behind edible mushroom cultivation, the basics, different growing techniques and everything in between.

The “digital assistant”, or Grow Buddy part of the guide, is the software program which allows you to calculate things like date of completion, dry weights and track yields.

This comprehensive software and digital book will guide you through how to grow mushrooms at home with ease so you never have to pay money for expensive store bought mushrooms again.

The ultimate way to cultivate edible mushrooms

Growing mushrooms can be very difficult. If you’re new to mushroom cultivation, you can’t afford to attempt growing without Mushroom Grow Buddy. Mushrooms can be an extremely difficult thing to cultivate at home and unlike plants they do not grow from seeds but rather spores which need very specific conditions to thrive in.

Why waste your valuable time surfing all over the web for complicated tutorials that make no sense? Instead you can follow our easy to comprehend guide (written in plain English, no jargon!) and go from beginner to advanced in no time at all.

Mushroom Grow Buddy teaches you how to grow edible mushrooms in a way that anyone can understand. It even comes with the first ever edible mushroom cultivating software program which helps you log your progress, make calculations and a lot more.

If you don’t know exactly what you are doing you can waste tons of hard-earned money on spores, supplies and substrates just to lose it all due to poor growing practices that could have easily been avoided.

The vast majority of mushroom species can grow on grains or other readily available substrates and can be cultivated indoors and at home, keeping you private and independent of the grocery stores high prices.

Grow, sell and eat ANY species of mushroom

With Mushroom Grow Buddy there is no limit to what you can grow or how much you can cultivate. The sky is the limit!

You can cultivate porcini (Boletus edulis), portobello (Agaricus bisporus), gypsy mushroom (Rozites caperata), oyster mushrom (Pleurotus ostreatus), chaterelle (Cantharellus cibarius complex), shiitake (Lentinula edodes), morels (Morchella esculenta) and many other varieties of edible and medicinal fungi.

You can even use Mushroom Grow Buddy in order to

  • Cultivate edible & gourmet mushrooms to sell for money at local flea markets or food co-ops
  • Grow delicious portabella, shiitake and oyster mushrooms to cook your favorite dishes with
  • Save THOUSANDS at the grocery store by growing your own premium quality mushrooms

Up to 100x cheaper and easier than a grow kit

Mushroom growing kits are fantastic…if you only want to grow mushrooms one time. The problem with a kit is it will often only grow one or two batches of your favorite fungus before succumbing to bacteria or mold…the end! In many cases some kits will become contaminated before growing any mushrooms at all, meaning a massive waste of time and money for you.

With Mushroom Grow Buddy you see exactly how to grow mushrooms without ever needing to use a kit, or if you still choose to use one, how to make that one single kit last up to 5x longer (providing you with loads of flushes of mushrooms week after week).

When you consider the average mushroom growing kit can cost up to $50, it’s a wise idea to know how to get the most out of it so you don’t risk losing your time and hard-earned money. Why deal with the messy set up, cleaning and risk of contamination?

Imagine paying just a fraction of your weekly grocery bill on something that will grow food for you and your family for as long as you live. You don’t need to have a green thumb either, cultivating mushrooms is mostly a very hands-off process. Meaning you can set, forget and harvest your mushrooms once you understand the basics.

Using Mushroom Grow Buddy you can go from A to Z and discover mushroom cultivation in virtually no time at all.

Boost your health, pack your fridge and save $100’s in the process

Edible and medicinal mushrooms can be incredibly expensive if you purchase them at a grocery store or natural food store. When you cultivate your own food you pay a fraction of the cost for up to 10x as much food. Savings aside, an even more amazing benefit of home grown mushrooms is the higher quality and freshness of the food. Nothing compares to the freshness and quality of harvesting mushrooms in your kitchen and having them served in a delicious dish just minutes later.

You also have the peace of mind knowing exactly how the food was grown. Fully organic, no pesticides and virtually zero carbon footprint. When you aren’t cooking your favorite healthy edible mushrooms in a tasty meal, you can reap the limitless benefits of medicinal mushrooms. Many medicinal fungi like Shiitake have been shown to boost immune function, reduce inflammation and even help treat cancer symptoms.

Growing just one batch of Shiitake mushrooms can mean $100’s in savings, and even a handsome profit if you sell the mushrooms at a local farmer’s market or food co-op. Mushroom Grow Buddy pays for itself over and over.

Packed with Value!

  • Grow guide and videos updated for life.
  • The one and only edible mushroom cultivation software program.
  • Calculate approximate date of completion of your grow, dry weight, track your results and more.
  • Discover how to grow edible mushrooms easily with illustrated and detailed instructions.
  • Get the scoop on the biology of mushrooms and maintaining sterile conditions for growing.
  • Calculate how many supplies you will need to grow.
  • Access to 50+ pages of professional experience, advice, tips and more.
  • Get “push button” edible mushrooms with the easiest methods possible.
  • Access to the best vendors, resources, and equipment online.
  • Discover how to grow more potent edible mushrooms.

5 Incredible Benefits of Mushroom Grow Buddy

  • Mushroom Grow Buddy pays for itself over and over. Download for an entire lifetime of mushrooms grown right at home!
  • Get “push button” mushrooms with the easiest methods possible while saving money (and priceless time)!
  • Get the basics on the biology of mushrooms critical for maintaining sterile conditions for growing.
  • Unlimited access to the best vendors, resources, and equipment online.
  • No headaches trying to understand poorly written “teks” scattered across the entire web, mGB is all in one place, saving you valuable time!

Mushroom Grow Buddy Gives You All The Information You Need To Get Started, Just Add Spores!

After you download Mushroom Grow Buddy you will have all the information required to grow edible mushrooms for you and your family. No costly, messy kits necessary and no scouring the internet for tutorials that may or not work (who knows if they do?). Mushroom Grow Buddy is time-tested and has helped 1,000’s of people cultivate mushrooms successfully.

Mushroom Grow Buddy makes understanding mushroom cultivation effortless so you can save your time and get straight to growing delicious, nutrient rich food for you and your family. After downloading Mushroom Grow Buddy you will know exactly what to do to begin cultivating your desired mushroom species. You will have access to the best sources for spores, substrates and equipment so you can get started right away – without finding out what does and doesn’t work through costly trial & error.

Most Recent Customer Testimonials

“It gives very practical, easy and detailed advice on growing mushrooms using common household containers . It’s a real treasure. In this economy, we need to grow our own food.”

“I was pleased with the thoroughness of the instructions and descriptions. I can’t wait to try growing my own mushrooms, which I think I can do armed with this book. I’ll let you know how it turns out.”

“I must say, I seriously have every book available on this subject, even out of print and very vintage ones. For the beginner, there is NOTHING better available for the price to get started! Even though I’ve been studying for years, I learned a few new tricks. Very straight forward, guaranteed success.”

How Much Longer Are You Going To Wait?

Are you ready to download Mushroom Grow Buddy so you can unleash the power of unlimited home-grown, organic food that is affordable and easy to cultivate? Over 95% of mushroom kits on the market cost significantly more than Mushroom Grow Buddy and they will likely only grow the same amount of mushrooms you would have bought at the store for the same cost of the kit.

Download Mushroom Grow Buddy today and you will have reliable information you can take action with TODAY. No waiting for a kit to arrive only to see it has been contaminated and no fumbling through online tutorials that make little sense. Minutes from now you can be following the tested and proven methods for cultivating mushrooms right in your own home and experiencing the full freedom from the grocery store’s high prices.

Why wait any longer? You can get in now at a price that makes any mushroom grow kit seem like a bad investment (at least until you know how to turn that kit into many pounds of mushrooms!) All you have to do to get started is click below, complete checkout and download Mushroom Grow Buddy. If there are any hiccups with the checkout, we’re just a click away!

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